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About us

26 January, 2023 | por admin

The plataform lacommunis.org it is an effort to bring together professionals, academics, social leaders and in general activists with extensive experience in different scientific and social areas, with an interdisciplinary and intersectoral composition, with a singular emphasis on working with Indigenous Peoples.

Work areas

Among the main areas of work that the organization develops, can be mentioned:


All peoples have the right to maintain and develop their political, economic and social systems or institutions. From lacommunis.org we promote the defense and promotion of these rights through research, publications and training activities.


The democratization of information and communication is an instrument to advance in the consolidation of intercultural and democratic societies, a process that from lacommunis.org we actively promote. The production and systematization of data, as well as the monitoring and dissemination of developments that have occurred in various regional and global areas, are part of the work we undertake.


Education is a basic right of everyone. In lacommunis.org we promote an inclusive and intercultural education that allows awareness raising for the full exercise of rights.