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Carolina Cuéllar

Carolina Cuéllar

International Indigenous Women’s Day: Without us nothing

04 September, 2023

(Portal APU.uy ).- On September 5, a discussion will be held on Indigenous Women’s Day to share the prominence of indigenous women on the continent, as Carolina Cuellar explains in this interview with the Portal APU.uy .

Carolina Cuellar Durán is Bolivian and a member of the Guarani People’s Assembly and the curiosity is that, for a few weeks now, she has been working as a Guarani teacher in courses made available by the National Administration of Public Education (ANEP) of Uruguay. The registrations exceeded all expectations to the point that they had to be closed in this first instance.

In this conversation with the Portal APU.uy this young leader of the indigenous community began and ended the same, precisely in Guarani language inviting to the event of September 5 where she will be the moderator.

According to him, the modality of the conversation will consist of short talks by women from different communities who will expose the situation they live in each community, highlighting the aspects that unite them in the struggle for recognition of the importance of women.

Woman is the earth and woman is the water, Carolina Cuellar expressed, while making explicit her concern about the misuse of natural resources and the risks that this inevitably entails for current and future generations.

“We have things that unite us, our dreams and struggles and we want the good for our children new generations,” he expressed by way of synthesis.